She’s Semiramis.

And I’ll give you the story behind it. We wanted an Egyptian name, but Bast wasn’t quite cutting it, it doesn’t lend itself well to cuddly calling (or at least, that’s what we thought then). And earlier cats in our families had used up a lot of the Egyptian queen names. However, there’s a great hotel in Cairo named Semiramis (and it saved us one day, when we were walking across the bridge from Gezira island, and noticed a tummy explosion approaching), and she was a fabulous queen (though not in Egypt, she created the hanging gardens of Babylon). So Semiramis it was, and it fits, she’s definitely got a royal attitude to life. Or Cattitude. And, she just turned 16.

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Here are the two big cuddlerers in my life – my cat and my son – cuddled up together. Usually either the one or the other or both are cuddling me, but this day my son was worn out, he had a slight concussion, and when he stretched out on the sofa to take a nap, Semiramis jumped up to him. She usually only does that with me, but he’s obviously been approved as he’s calm enough. (And yes, that implies that my daughter is not).

I would love to contribute to a cool kitties site, but not right now. Both my neck and right arm is acting up at the moment, so I don’t get as much computer work done as I would like to. But soon, hopefully.

By Berte Winding-Sørensen