Welcome to my site!


Hi I’m Princess and I am the cutest kitty you’d ever meet. I want to tell you my story.

I was born out of a real love story. My mom, Queenie, is a beautiful black Persian cat and my dad, a charming Siamese. They lived in a huge breeder’s house and they were not supposed to fall in love. But, when they met, they immediately fell over heels with each other. Soon they were separated because the breeders wanted pure breeds. One day, my parents ran away together and hid in a far corner in a different wing of house. Before the breeders found them, my mom was already pregnant. Although my mom always said that I was the most beautiful kitty of the pack, the breeders did not like me at all. I guess it was because I looked so different than my parents, and I was not pure. The breeders called me “damaged goods”, and separated me from my mom when I was just 5 weeks old. They put me in a cage with my brothers and one by one they were sold and I was left alone in the large empty cage.

I first met my human when I was almost 4 months old. I could tell that she liked me a lot but she didn’t take me home with her. I waited for 3 long weeks. When I was about to give up hope, she came back for me and have been with me ever since.

She always said how beautiful I was and caressed me all the time. She called me Princess and I often did feel like a princess: my fur is stark black and very shiny, and my green eyes are huge and rounded. I was a very curious cat, and I loved to play. My human brought me all kinds of toys and my favorite was to play fetch with her. She always threw me a small ball made of sponge and painted as a soccer ball, and I always brought it back to her. “You have a special talent of a little dog!” she said.

About a month later, in my new home, one night, I saw an open window and jumped to the sill and fell out. I did not realize that I was on the 7th floor.

As I lied on the ground with sharp pains in a strange place with some grass & plants, I realized that I could not move. I was very scared. I didn’t know how long had passed, until I heard my human calling out my name, I started to scream but my voice was feeble. She never gave up; she kept on calling me until she found me. She picked me up and took me to the hospital. I was there for almost a week; they ran all kinds of tests and IV me with food and medicine. I was scared that I’d never see my human again. She came to see me everyday, but as time passed by, I began to think she was going to leave me there, because now I was a real “damaged goods”, but one day she came to take me home.

I know that she loves me, and I love her very much. She always knows exactly what I like without me asking.

One of our favorite pastimes is to watch videos and photos of cool kitties. This is why I wanted to start this website so that we can share so much about all the cool kitties in the world.

See ya around, Meow