Are you a Cat Person?

pround cat owner

From that sky-high pile of cardboard boxes, to the permanent cat scratches you’ve inherited, to the number of little toys scattered around your house, they all point to one sign, YOU’RE A CAT LOVER!
This is nothing to be ashamed of, rather it’s something to be proud of. Besides the quirks like endless hours of entertainment that comes with catnip or how pouncing at your ankles never gets old, our pretty kitties also bring much appreciated love into our lives.

signs that you’re a cat person and proud of it

Your windowsill is a hair-collecting basin, your wrist is perma-scratched, and the bathroom has a strange odor that never fully goes away. What could possibly be the cause for this assortment of oddities? All signs point to one thing: cats. Maybe lots of cats. Whether you have one or many four-legged furballs in your home, there’s no mistaking the telltale signs. And it’s not just balls of catnip and claw marks on the curtains. Kitties bestow furry tails brushing against our legs, warm purrs on our laps and years of happiness in our hearts. Click through to see more of the signs you’ve got a feline in your life.

Cuddle up

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