Foxy Lady

Our eyes met when she was bravely crossing the busy road on the bridge across the Fox River. A semi actually went over her before he could stop. But she came out right in front of our car. We stopped and I jumped out. I meowed and she answered back. She was safely in the bushes down by the river.
My husband reminded me of all the traffic we were holding up so I got back in, intending to come right back to get her. I told her I would be back to get her and to wait for me. But he wanted to go to the dance and fireworks we were on our way to, but I had time to change his mind.

Five hours and many beers later we went back. I found her immediately remembering where her meow was. I meowed again and she came out. I put my hand by her to introduce myself and she popped back into the bushes. I realized my mistake so I meowed once more and again she came out. I quickly grabbed her this time, almost falling into the river.

My husband said he will never forget me holding her high up over my head trying not to fall in. She is now a healthy five year old after starting out with ear mites, worms, eye infection and cold.

She rules over her two brothers (they get along well with her). We named her Foxy Lady because it was the Fox River she was crossing when we first saw each other. She comes to both of us when we are depressed sensing when we feel bad so we call her our therapy kitty. We are all truly lucky for having each other.

Omro, WI