How McKenzie Rescued Me

McKenzie wandered into my small back patio 3 years ago starving to death. I took him to the vet, and low and behold, he was micro-chipped. His owner was contacted by my vet, but they told her that the cat was unwanted.

McKenzie also showed signs of some serious health issues. Apparently in his adventures in the outdoors he must have been grazed by a car. His entire left side exhibited injury. After viewing his x-rays we could see that not only did he have a dislocated left hip, but he also had a pelvis fracture. His left fang was chipped at the tip and he had an injured left ear. The main problem with McKenzie’s injuries was that the doctor also detected that he had a heart condition and he could not withstand any sort of surgery. After about $900 and many vet visits

McKenzie is now on daily heart medication. He runs through my apartment as if there is absolutely nothing wrong with his hip or pelvis. His left ear looks a bit different from the right one, but he is the most loving, cuddling, and sweet boy. I am so glad he rescued me!!

Irvine, CA