Scaredy Kitty

scaredy cat

Before my husband and I bought a place of our own, our rental home was not pet friendly. As soon as we moved, I began my quest to find the perfect kitty. I stopped by our local shelter many times during the course of several weeks just waiting for “love at first sight”, with no luck. Our shelter has a Facebook page which they use to upload pictures of new animals, and that is when is saw her. I called my husband and asked him to meet me at the shelter.

When we got there we went straight to her cage and we didn’t see anything, and my heart sunk thinking someone must have taken her. I asked around and they said: “She is still there, probably hiding under the bed”. And so she was. When we got her from underneath the bed she gave us the mos frighting look, like we where about to hurt her. I remember my husband saying “She is a scaredy cat. She might never change”.

According to the shelter’s story, a litter was found on the side of the street with no signs of the mother. Only her and her brother where taken (probably the only ones alive) – he had been adopted earlier that day. I didn’t even think about it and took her home. When we got home, as soon as we open her cage she ran underneath the couch and did not come out for hours. This went on for days. She would just hide under the couch, and the only way to get her out was to be still and very, very quiet.

But as soon as she heard the tiniest little noise, she would run back underneath. Days went by and with a lot of patience, and a lot of love, I got her to come out and start exploring here new home. It took us some time, but it was worth it! She is the most amazing, loving cat. She is part of our family and has made our new place feel like real home.

– Anto Etch