The curious case of my Halloween black kitty

By Christina Chow

I bought this little black kitty on Halloween because she was beautiful. Her makers made her extremely realistic; one could see even the smallest details of her fur. Yet the feature that caught my attention mostly was that she had an attitude. Her green eyes shone with contempt and passion, but her poise was regal.

She was a perfect New Yorker. At first I placed her on my desk, and I kind of shuddered at her gaze every time I turned on my computer. I felt that she was watching me from behind my back and I could not concentrate on my work.


So, I placed her in my studio, on top of my books. I said to her, “Guard my books and all the wisdom in them”. She did a great job, so much that I rarely took a book out from the shelves anymore, as I felt almost guilty to do so, when I saw her powerful bright green eyes staring at me, as if saying: “books would not do any good, if you do not discipline yourself and write” “S-sorry, I just wanted to read that book…” I apologized.

This morning I got a brilliant idea. I gave her a pair of glasses. Now she is transformed into a very interesting character, an intellectualized New York black kitty still with an attitude but more mellow, even empathetic: she is not only guarding my books, she is also reminding me of the knowledge contained in my books.


What a transformation, a radical change of vision, of perspective…and all for a pair of spectacles!

© 2013 Christina Chow